Testimonials (Unsolicited)

Thanks again!!  If we don’t talk again thank you SO SO MUCH for your kind, gentle, helpful advice!

Marcy, Thank you for helping us for the last year or so. I am excited to see some bright light through darkness.

Thank you again for all your work with us.....you made this such a smooth and amicable process....forever grateful!!!"

Thank you for all the ways you have helped, Marcy.  I think things are starting to get better.

Dear Marcy, …Meeting you was one of the gifts of the past year. I am very grateful for your professional support, openness, encouragement and deep listening. I wish [that] life will continually [bring] back to you all of these positive things, which you are doing for other people.
- M

Dear Marcy,
...Our mediator recommended that we have a consulting attorney review it and I thought of you because of your kind and wise advice...

Hi Marcy, …I felt the meeting went very smoothly, and we all worked efficiently. I really do appreciate your work as a mediator, and your help in making a difficult process less painful…

Thanks for a great job…we really enjoyed working with you! You helped us come to agreements about many sensitive issues. Many Thanks,

​Thank you for making this difficult transition so much smoother for us. We both enjoyed meeting you and appreciate your work.